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Do you take longer than your other Half to Get Ready?

Do you take longer than your other Half to Get Ready?

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Only a few years ago this question would have been absurd, but now with men plucking their eyebrows, donning fake tan and sculpting their hair to near perfection (I mean you just need to take a look at our marketing manager – but I am in no way calling his hair ‘perfect’) the lines become quite a lot more blurred and it brings about a question of the same magnitude of ‘how did the world begin’… okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but who takes the longest to get ready for a night out, men or women? Yes, think about it, this ain’t just only old Tuesday at work where a guy would roll out of bed 20 minutes before having to leave, crawl into the shower and then into an unironed shirt – this is a big night out. This could be your stag do activities. This is where we need to think about pulling. This is where there will be club photographers. This. Is. SPARTA. IMPORTANT. Now unless you’re a true man’s man from the days of yore, you’re probably reading this in some level of agreeance that yes, you do hog the bathroom, you do emerge from it in a mist of Paco Rabanne and you won’t leave until every single strand of hair is in place. Why do we now do this? Because lots of women want men like David Beckham, Leonardo DiCaprio and even Mark Wright believe it or not – and to look like them, it takes time… But how long does it all take? Or is this just one big myth and women still take a whole lot longer than men do to get set for a night out? Well thankfully after a whole lot of research, we have the answer - and if you follow this link, you’ll find it!

Tom Bourlet

Tom is our SEO expert and Senior Digital Marketer at The Stag Company. He has a huge passion for travelling, playing the saxophone, the gym and completing as many life experiences as possible.

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