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Drugged Stag Weekend Man Holds Up Menswear Shop with Tin-foil Roll

Goodness me, that's a headline and a half, isn't it? Yes, you read it right - in what sounds like a deleted scene from The Hangover, an Irish man was accidently drugged on a stag do, going on to hold up a menswear shop with a roll of tin foil and a knife normally used for opening packages found on his person.

In a stag weekend prank that horribly backfired, Darren Kelly joined up with the Dublin stag weekend party after a night shift at work before mistakenly downing a drink with a legal substance procured from a shop in the city. The 38 year old man was sacked from his newspaper round (yep) and handed a 200 euro fine for possession of a weapon and theft after being caught trying to sneak a pair of jeans past security barriers at a menswear shop.

According to character witnesses, Kelly is "not a big drinker" and his masterplan was thwarted by a security man who noticed the tin foil lined bag he tried to sneak the jeans out with. The man admitted theft but denied carrying the weapon with the intention to use it, pointing to its use in opening packages in his newspaper round.

The stag do would-be thief, who has seven previous convictions was found to have insufficient evidence that he required the weapon for work by Judge Toale. The defence lawyer, Cathal O Braonain said,

"He was out partying with friends, he mistakenly took a drink that was spiked with some substance from a head shop," Mr O Braonain said. "Following on from that, he lost the plot and ended up doing something extremely foolish."

Kelly was allegedly very apologetic in the police station, meaning his penalty wasn't the harshest. Quite the stag do, right?

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