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Eastern Europe recommended to tourists

People who are planning to take a short break in mainland Europe have been encouraged to head to the east of the continent.

According to the Post Office, destinations such as the Czech Republic and Hungary are among the cheapest European countries to visit.

Therefore, it has recommended that cost-conscious consumers who are planning a short city break consider visiting Prague or Budapest.

Holidaymakers and stag weekend revellers could find that their money stretches further if they head to places with better exchange rates and lower overall costs.

Andrew Spice, spokesperson for the Post Office, commented: "The winning destinations will be those that offer good value not just for flights and accommodation, but for tourist staples like meals out and drinks."

Consumers were advised to keep a close eye on exchange rate fluctuations if they wish to make the most of their money.

Earlier this week, Sainsbury's Travel Insurance revealed that nearly a third of the British adult population intend to purchase a foreign holiday between now and the end of February.