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Elderly Edinburgh Stag Weekend

When you think about stag weekends you'd be forgiven for imagining 25-35 year old blokes in customized t-shirts bearing all manner of insulting nicknames across the back. Perhaps it's time to think again, as Edinburgh stag dos take on an all-together more wrinkly appearance. With not a stripper or a vomit-stained pavement in sight, the good menfolk of the Tower Residential Home in Murrayfield marked the Royal Wedding build up with a very special and original Edinburgh stag taking in fish and chips, a casino and cocktails.

The females of the retirement home joined in the fun with a simultaneous Edinburgh hen night reports The pensioners visited the Circus Casino for a flutter, where they sipped on cocktails, rolling back the years to their bachelor days of yore.

The Assistant Manager of the Tower Residential home said: “It’s not about being old, it’s about enjoying yourself.

“With the stag and hen, they have a good time and they are participating in the wedding. They have had a great time today – everybody should have the chance to celebrate the wedding.”

With a royal banquet organised for last Friday's royal wedding it seems that this particular facility was lapping up every last drop of royal bubbly over the past weekend. They also arranged to share pictures and memories from their own wedding days as part of the wedding festivities. Now, I don't want to get on my high horse, but these kind of events were responsible for the nationwide shortage in bunting lest-we-forget.

Councillor Paul Edie, Health and Social Care Leader, said: "We regularly run exciting and fun initiatives for our residents from Wii competitions to X Factor competitions.

“And these types of projects are a great way of keeping older people active. As a Council we like to change and develop the services we provide in care homes to benefit residents and their families."

Lovely stuff.