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Get more for your money in Budapest

A survey by the Post Office has discovered that Hungary presents the best value of money for a city break, which will by good news to those set for a Budapest Stag Weekend.

The Post Office calculated the cost of buying the following essential goods and products - a bottle of beer, a cup of coffee, a postcard, a meal out and some sun lotion – to discover which holiday location presented the best value for money.

For the second year Hungary proved to be the cheapest destination with the basket of goods coming in below £40, closely followed by Thailand and Bulgaria.

Lads preparing for a stag weekend in Spain will also be pleased as Spain was the cheapest of the Eurozone nations with its basket coming in at just under £45.

In comparison, the total for France was a high £71.12, while in Brazil the basket of goods would set you back an eye-watering £101.81.