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Give Your Hangover The Red Card

Give Your Hangover The Red Card

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Hangovers... I have no idea where to start with this little beauty but here we go.

The hangover is every man's nemesis; its the beer monkey who steals your money and shits in your mouth; it is your only friend after a very badly behaved stag night; its a social chameleon and let's face it... probably the nearest we'll get to living in hell (whilst alive anyway).

A hangover will have you crying like a baby and uttering those magical words, "I'm never ever drinking again" What a load of rubbish I say. If you're under the age of 30 then set aside one day for recovery, but after 30 make sure you've got two or three days spare.

I've come across many ways to combat the notorious stag weekend hangover. I've been advised by one 'dude' to ride it like a wave – yeah ride Bodie; another of my mates swears by soup, followed by a bath, followed by more soup, followed by another bath and then a little sleepy – what a fool; I've heard Lucozade is god but my favourite is to just head down the local boozer. If you live at home you'll get no sympathy from your mum but remember, a stag do hangover is very personal to you.

There is no right or wrong cure but here's my Top 5:

Dyralite isn't just for the shits

This one is for those stag weekend planners and only if you remember; dissolve a sachet of dyralite into a pint of cold water and down it like a lizard. You'll wake up doing a great impression of Basil Brush – all bright eyed and bushy tailed.


Mad Dog

Get your dirty little mitts on the left over Tequila bottle from the stag night before. Pour into a shot glass and add an equal measure of Tabasco sauce. This is guaranteed to blow your head off.


Ask the Doctor

Sip ice cold Dr Pepper (preferably in bed). As soon as you're up buy or make yourself an iced coffee (make sure to sprinkle lots of choccy). The cocktail of caffeine, sugar and E-numbers will have you buzzing like a door bell.


Get Greasy

This has to be the oldest and an all time favourite. Get your sorry arse down the local café and order the full English. Ask for extra lard and once eaten you'll feel like the alcohol and your brain has been absorbed.


Doc's Favourite

Water. Very very boring.