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Staying at home or going abroad on your stag weekend

Here we’re going to look at choosing between a UK or European destination for your stag weekend. With the credit crunch you might be thinking you should be a bit more cautious with your pennies, or you might be thinking “what the hel!l” Your stag do is a once in a lifetime (hopefully) affair after all.

Well before you make a hard and fast decision about the location of choice for your stag weekend, have a read through this:

Staying in the UK on your Stag Weekend

The UK has some fantastic locations for stag weekends and if you pick a coastal town famous for its beaches like Newquay, Torquay or Bournemouth, in good weather you’d be forgiven for thinking you were abroad anyway! Staying in the UK for a stag weekend also means you can pick a location that is easy for people to get to. If you’ve got people in your stag group coming from all over the country then a central location like Birmingham might work out better than trying to coordinate everyone flying to another country.

Staying in Britain means you are within your comfort zone on your stag weekend. You’re familiar with the style of British nightclubs and bars and you tend to know what stag weekend pranks you can get away with and what might get you into a spot more bother.  The UK might not have guaranteed weather even in the middle of summer, but it doesn’t stop you enjoying some excellent stag weekend activities all year round.  Us Brits know that the weather can sometimes be pesky and with more indoor arenas for a whole range of stag weekend activities means you don’t have to miss out just because you’re missing the sun.

Going Abroad on your Stag Weekend

Yes there may be this thing called the credit crunch around, and people might be starting to watch what they spend – but don’t assume that going abroad on your stag weekend has to be expensive. We have some great European destinations that won’t break the bank.  Going abroad gives you a complete mentality of freedom. There’s no chance of bumping into the missus or someone who knows your missus and you can always blame not calling her  / answering calls on your mobile not working over there.

Then there’s the sunshine. Some European destinations can near guarantee fabulous weather which means it’s not just a stag weekend – it’s a holiday! If you’re tired of going out in the same old cities then locations like Barcelona, Valencia or Prague make perfect stag weekend locations as the nightlife is bustling but completely different to the UK. Embrace the different cultures and you might be surprised to find out that we Brits aren’t necessarily the hard partiers we thought – with our Spanish friends regularly hitting clubs until 7am without batting an eyelid!

With cheaper flights Europe has never been closer and in fact you can probably get to some European destinations quicker than you can travel throughout the UK!
We hope this has helped you decide but if you’re still stuck call the office today and one of the team can tell you even more info about the places you’re thinking of going to.