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Iceland stag weekends represents good value

Iceland has been considered an expensive country to visit, but the favourable currency exchange rate for UK visitors has seen a significant shift in interest in the volcanic island.

The world travel guide Lonely Planet chose Iceland as its best value destination for 2010, which is great news from guys considering a stag weekend in Reykjavik - Iceland's capital.

The impact has seen Iceland’s leading airline, Icelandair, experience an increase in UK sales over the past year. This is seen partly due to the country's near bankruptcy leading to an increase in interest in it as a holiday destination.

Birkir Holm Gudnason, CEO of Icelandair, said: “It seems that in the middle of the media interest we have been able to communicate the fact that this is a great time to visit Iceland, because as a traveller you simply get more for your money than ever before."

While the airline's GM, Hjorvar Saeberg Hognasson, added: “If you compare what a pound got you on 1st February 2008 to 1st February 2010, you see an increase of 57 percent, so you can see why UK passengers are heading to Iceland in droves to experience the breathtaking nature and enjoy activities like searching for the Northern Lights."

Reykjavik offers lads on a stag weekend the opportunity to experience outrageous adrenaline packed activities, including quad biking on lava fields, while the nightlife is anything but cold.