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If you don’t win… What Picture Booth suits you?

If you don’t win… What Picture Booth suits you?

There’s less than 10 days until our photo booth competition is all over and we’ve already seen some hilarious and some off-the-wall entries which is always good, but what if you don’t win or don’t have any use for a photo booth at the moment – but know you would still love one at some point? Well of course as Picture Booth are being kind enough to supply the massively impressive prize, let’s take a look at the booths they have on offer for a whole host of events – but as we are The Stag Company, let’s say your wedding reception! The Party Booth Seeing as this is the booth you’ll win if you send us the funniest photo of you and your other half by entering here, we might as well start here, with the Party Booth being the most popular booth offered because well – it knows how to party! Suited to any event out there from weddings to Christmas parties, the Party Booth is fully customisable and is the most awesomely impressive finishing touch to any event, being packed with features and more than enough to keep your guests coming back for more… Features include: - Green Screen - Wind Machine (on request) - Touch Screen - Video Messaging The Classic Booth Then like a good old beef burger with no funky dressings, there’s the Classic Booth – exactly what you want if you’re looking for the kind of photo booth everyone knows and loves, taking those traditional photos but being able to fit 6 people inside… this one adds the classic touch. Features include: - Touch Screen The Ultimate Booth So if we’re going to stick to the burger metaphor/simile/whatever it is, this is the burger that is topped up with onion rings, about 70 types of cheese, bacon, more bacon, gherkins, eggs, more bacon, even more bacon and… okay, you get the picture and my keyboard is getting glazed in drool so I’ll stop now. But yes, this is the Man v. Food version of all photo booths, coming with everything as standard, eye-catching looks and customisation to make it even more of a show stopper. Features: - Green Screen - Wind Machine - Touch Screen - Video Messaging So there you have it, the photo booths by Picture Booth – are you planning an event just to have one now? It’s alright I think I’ll just get one sent to the office...  

Tom Bourlet

Tom is our SEO expert and Senior Digital Marketer at The Stag Company. He has a huge passion for travelling, playing the saxophone, the gym and completing as many life experiences as possible.

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