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Indoor Paintballing in Manchester

Indoor Paintballing in Manchester

As you probably already know, Manchester is no sleepy city. With a population of almost half a million, Manchester is a teeming place for activity in the north west of England. Not only does it have some amazing clubs along the famous drinking straits of Deansgate, the Northern Quarter or Peter Street, but it also has some of the best activity venues available for Stag groups looking to shake things up.

Since we started, paintballing has been a popular choice and Paintballing in Manchester has never been so easy with readily accessible venues. Sometimes though, you want the thrill of the stalk and the hunt with paintball, but not necessarily the cold weather or all the mud. We believe that our stags should always get what they want, so we teamed up with a cracking venue that offers indoor paintballing, and this is the feedback we've had about indoor paintballing in Manchester so far:

"First off, the venue was easy to get to, even from the wider area of Greater Manchester. This is a must for daytime activity. You don't feel short changed on time as the journey to the activity was only about 20 minutes.  Indoor paintballing is good for the winter or any time really as you never know what the weather's doing in England and slipping round in the mud might seem fun to start with but when you're caked in it, and cold then the idea of being indoors really does appeal.

The organizers have spent a lot of time on the venue making sure it's suitable for the fast paced strategy games that you need for a good paintball mission. To give you an idea, it's like a war torn urban landscape with great sniper holes, places to hide but enough space for long range shots as well. The glassed off watching area is pretty cool and the UV corridors are a bit unnerving. It's still quick and high adrenaline but sneaking around the battle ground is really creepy. There's a real sense of impending threat, probably more so than if you're paintballing outdoors in daylight."

So there you have it, if you've thought about paintballing but are having your stag do in the colder months, or just want to make sure you'll be comfortable and warm on your weekend away, then indoor paintballing is certainly worth your careful consideration.