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Krakow Stag Weekend Flirts With Airborne Disaster

A man was left wishing he'd stayed at home for an Edinburgh stag weekend when his flight home from Krakow was disrupted by a clearly "not right" man trying to open the plane door mid-flight. The flight that would usually have taken 2 hours, took 10 before the pilot made an emergency landing in Schiphol airport in Amsterdam after the man had been subdued.

The man, Paul Douglas, a butcher from near Edinburgh was returning from a stag weekend in Krakow,

"We spoke to the cabin crew but all they said was that they had spoken to him and he was fine, so not to worry.

"Not long after, however, he went and stood at the main door with one of the emergency instruction cards and appeared to be studying it carefully while looking at the door.

"At that point, passengers started screaming in horror and the cabin crew were as shocked and terrified as the rest of us. One of the air hostesses said she had only been working for three months and was so upset — she hadn't a clue what to do.

"As a result, a few folk including myself went over to try and restrain him. By the time I got close to him a few others had thankfully managed to tie him up with seatbelts and were sitting on him so he couldn't move."

An Easyjet spokesman added, "The aircraft landed safely and the passenger was arrested. Safety is our number one priority.

"The crew are fully trained to handle such events and at no time was passenger safety compromised."

Comfort in these dark times - it seems the skies aren't yet safe - even after the assassination of Bin Laden...

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