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A London Stag Weekend - Have a Laugh!

If your stag weekend isn’t raising a smile then something is quite seriously wrong. It is a celebration of a last weekend of freedom, not a mournful remembrance of the days of single life.

We are confident that any stag weekend organised by The Stag Company is going to be amusing at worse, but more than likely hilarious. However, to take this even further and deliver belly-aching laughter, that even the stag will enjoy, your weekend should include a trip to a comedy club.

For groups on a London stag weekend the availability of the biggest and best comedy clubs are on offer. The Capital is home to the venues showcasing the world’s best comedians that you know and also the ones that you don’t know, yet at least.

For the brave – or stupid – get yourself into the prominent seats near the stage and you are sure to become part of an act or two, especially given the likelihood of the stag wearing some suspect clothing, or at least an attention grabbing hat. Be warned, try too hard drawing attention to the man of the moment and the comedian may revel in the entertainment of turning the tables, so come armed with your best heckles, although rarely will you get the last laugh.

If not being part of the show, just settle for sitting back with a cool pint and enjoy a couple of hours of hilarious observations and impressions that’ll you’ll be desperate to remember for future use, but a few more pints later and you almost certainly will not.

Comedians rarely have universal appeal, so the advantage of comedy club nights are the variety of acts on offer is bound to guarantee that everyone will find someone funny – if not then there is always the bar for light relief.