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Flexible payments!

- 0% interest monthly payments

Price match promise

- if you find a like-for-like stag do for less, we'll match it!

Way-Aye Spuggy - What's theyar to do in Newcastle?!

14 May 2009

If we haven't lost half our readership with that piss poor imitation of a Geordie accent, then I'll continue for those who are still with me, and still thinking about a Newcastle stag weekend. For venture you should. It's funny that tucked away so high in the north where the cold wind blows, that we get so many requests for stag weekends in Newcastle. They keep coming in however and we keep sending groups of stags away to what is becoming one of the most infamous nights out in the UK. We've decided to take a little look at some of the top activities people seem to be doing when they head there.

Our top three asked for day time packages this week in Newcastle are:

Quad Biking

With the nicer weather round the corner, the demand for action and adventure outdoors is going through the roof. You want to get out into the Newcastle countryside and you want these beautiful quads as your chariot. Tear up the dirt on the Tyne and get stuck in.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

This is a classic that we think will never die on stag weekends. Let's face it, guys have been shooting sh*t out of the sky for years. It's our god given manly right to bear arms against small artificial targets and by Jove if we want to blast the crap out of a dot in the sky we will do it and justify ourselves to no one.  Be careful guys, this sport is extremely addictive.


Ask kids today about paintballing and they'll recognise it as an international activity taken as a serious sport all over the world. Mention paintballing to any British kid born between 25-35 and their immediate thoughts should be of one thing: Byker... Grove. We've laboured this point enough here but those who know, know what I mean. Funnily enough, despite our first impressions of paintballing were of PJ being tragically wounded, people are still fanatics – or perhaps it's because our first impression was of PJ being tragically wounded...
Our top three asked for night time packages this week in Newcastle are:

Comedy Club

Interestingly, more of you are opting for laughs at the moment probably something to do with the rest of the world being so sh*t right about now.  In true British style, when things are bad we want to find things to laugh at. Newcastle has excellent comedy venues that we send our stags to so if you feel like you need some cheering up, get yourself along to a chuckle-fest.

Clubs and Pubs

Second to the comedy, most of you just want to go out and get smashed, and that's okay by us. If you can't do it on your stag do, well, then you probably shouldn't be having a stag do. Near the station you have Neville Street and Collingwood Street which is an excellent pathway past some popular pubs like the Union Rooms, Revolution Bar, O'Neills and Head of Steam. These are just a few. Newcastle has a ridiculously high concentration of pubs so you never have to stumble far to find your next pint.

So there you have it, these are the activities guys are asking for at the moment, but you can also give us a call and see what else we have on offer for stag weekends in Newcastle!


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