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There is more to Nottingham than just a great nightlife

There is more to Nottingham than just a great nightlife

The city of Nottingham is a popular choice for stag parties and rightly so, as it not only has its much-publicised fantastic nightlife, but also a wealth of daytime activities to keep the most boisterous of groups entertained.

We’ve highlighted just three activities that can be included on a Nottingham stag weekend, but there are many, many others to choose from.

Stag Paintballing

A stag weekend in Nottingham, home of the master-archer Robin Hood, should always include a game of paintballing with it boasting one of the best-equipped sites in Europe.

The site is in Sherwood Forest and comes complete with a Castle Colditz Base – a one thousand square metre structure complete with a five metre high wall. Would you be able to escape?

The Berlin Wall may have crumbled, but it has been rebuilt in Nottingham woodland for another epic battle between east and west. Could you find your way over the wall with snipers lurking in the trees?

Quad Biking

Explore the historic Sherwood Forest on the back of a roaring quad bike to give your stag weekend an adrenaline boost. Navigate the toughest of terrain, including thick mud, troughs of water and some hair-raising slopes, or when the conditions allow see if you are brave enough to get close to the 45mph maximum speed. Our site has six different zones on offer, with each one designed to suit the varying abilities of the drivers, while there is expert tuition available for everyone. I am sure this is how a modern Robin Hood would choose to get around.

Sumo Wrestling

Ever wondered what it would be like to be Rik Waller in a fight with Michelle McManus? Of course not, that would be ridiculous! However, you may have scratched your head in bewilderment at Japan’s national sport of Sumo Wrestling and wondered what it is like for those big guys to fight.

Well, this experience is available for you on your stag weekend, as you get to squeeze into a huge sumo suit, complete with the ridiculous thong that just prevents sumo wrestling being an entirely different kind of activity. Then do battle with your mates and see who be crowned Sumo Stag Champion – if you’d want such a title.