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Playing Beer Pong can get you rich

Beer Pong is a drinking game that is particularly popular with bachelor parties in the United States and also increasingly with lads on a stag do here in England.

It turns out this activity can not only get you drunk, but also rich too as competitors at the World Beer Bong Cup are playing for a $25,000 first prize, so there is an excuse to brush up on your skills on your next stag party.

For the uninformed, beer pong is a game in which two teams assemble at opposite ends of a table that has 10 plastic cups filled with beer arranged in a triangle formation at either end. Teams take it in turns to toss pingpong balls into the cups. If a ball goes in, the cup is taken off the table and a member of the opposing team has to drink the beer in it. The first team to get rid of all 10 of its opponents' cups wins.

It may not sound like it, but Beer Pong is apparently serious business. "No one is here to get drunk or act like fools," said Sam Pines. "It's a little rowdy, but it's like any other sporting event. It's all about competition and skill."