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Protect Your Tech on a Stag Do

Protect Your Tech on a Stag Do

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A stag do might be the most enjoyable weekend of your life, but it can end up be anything but if you break or damage any of your belongings. As we all seem to carry tons of tech around with us at all times, chances are you’re more likely to break something when you’re off on the razz with the lads for the weekend. This is why I’ve decided to put together some of our favourite protective items out there, all of which should ensure that you won’t need to drop your phone in a bowl of rice for a week once you return home.

Overboard Waterproof Phone Case

We’ve all been there, you’re standing by the pool and your mate runs up and pushes you in, which is hilarious unless you’re carrying all of your belongings in your pockets. Either that or you're prone to dropping your phone down the toilet. Either way, with a waterproof case you don’t need to worry about this happening, and you also don’t need to worry about sand or dirt running your phone either. This case from Overboard also features a welded headphone jack, meaning you can even listen to music while using it, as well as perform all your standard phone tasks such as calls, texts, and taking picture and video.

Floating Wireless Speaker

Combine your waterproof case with a set of floating wireless speakers and you’ve got yourself your very own instant pool party. This Marmitek BoomBoom 260 speaker is waterproof, shock resistant, and dust resistant, and will provide you with hours of poolside entertainment. It connects via Bluetooth, features a loudspeaker that allows you to take calls when your phone is linked, and it has a rechargeable battery. It’s pricey, but worth it.

Liquipel your Phone

If you think that a waterproof case isn’t really for you but you still want to protect your tech all is not lost. You can always get a treatment for your phone or tablet thanks to the people at Liquipel, which as the name suggests offer ‘liquid exposure protection’ for your phone and / or tablet. A protective coating is applied to your phone that will make the odd splash here and there no more of a problem. Need to text with wet hands (for the message that JUST CAN’T WAIT) or check your phone in the pouring rain? Liquipel is your friend, but only if you live in the US. If you’re reading this Liquipel, us Brits need your help too!

BukCase iPad Case

If you’ve got your iPad or tablet with you while you’re away it is probably the last thing you would want to lose. Here’s your chance to be a bit sly and grab a BuKCase protective case for your tablet, which looks enough like a book that in the unfortunate event your accommodation gets broken into that a thief probably wouldn’t look twice at it. They look pretty cool too.

GoPro Waterproof Case

The last item on the list actually requires you to buy the product that it protects, but they’re so damn awesome that you really won’t care. I’m talking about the GoPro HD camera, you’ve probably seen their videos before, and if not you can hit YouTube where you’ll find thousands of video shot using these cameras. Here’s a great example of what can be done with these cameras: So get yourself one of these babies, buy the waterproof casing for it and not only will you protect your tech throughout your stag do or holiday, you can create some amazing videos while you’re at it.