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Rip-off Britain 'is a myth'

Tourism officials in the UK have attempted to dispel the image of Britain as an expensive place to take a holiday.

According to VisitBritain, there is a popular misconception that the country is one of the most expensive destinations for tourists.

The organisation insisted it offers excellent value for money for people from all walks of life and incomes.

Commenting on its appeal, a spokesperson said: "There is a holiday here for every budget in this country."

He added that people have the choice of whether to stay in a budget hotel or opt for the luxury end of the market.

According to figures from VisitBritain, there were nearly 12 million overnight trips made in the UK by British nations in May 2008.

This is seven per cent up on the amount recorded 12 months earlier, which works out at 2.6 million more trips being taken.