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- if you find a like-for-like stag do for less, we'll match it!

Sophia's Adventure - The Greatest Job In The World

25 Aug 2016

Sophia's Adventure - The Greatest Job In The World

The stag do is a huge romantic milestone in a man’s life and stags celebrate the important occasion with their best companions and some outlandish activities. I teamed up with The Stag Company and Vox Travel to experience the ultimate stag weekend and join the party with some soon-to-be grooms. I was lucky enough to engross myself in various stags’ journeys over the next four weeks. I took part in some of the best stag do activities in the UK and around Europe and hung out with some extrovert stag groups, honouring their last night of freedom the right way!

On my journey I have reviewed adrenaline junkie expeditions, drinking activities and some all-round amazing lifetime experiences, all of which are offered by The Stag Company and are available to you on our website. I’ve participated in everything you guys love to do on your special weekend and have become ‘one of the lads’, for the purpose of engrossing myself into the weekend and so I can review what we have to offer, making sure we’re providing you with an unforgettable stag weekend!

My first weekend took place in Brighton, which is The Stag Company HQ and is an eminent city for both stag and hen parties. The city’s streets are riddled with drinking venues, booming club nights, a hubbub of live music and action packed and experiences. Anyone contemplating a weekend away in Brighton can’t be fooled by the city’s quaint charm as the nightlife is on par with some of the greatest locations on the European map.

Brighton is a quirky and bohemian city that is unique in its culture, art and political leadership and, the unique qualities of the city became pertinent as soon as I arrived. I was fortunate enough to have glaring sunshine during my experience in the city, and the English coastline looked as picturesque as I had imagined. I was surprised at the size of the city, despite it being one of the most acclaimed destinations on the English map, it is not as big as I had imagined. This benefited me as I could soak in the sights and save my spending money as there was little need for the use of public transport. Some of the activities The company offer are a little further out of town and not within walking distance and they can organise transfers for you.

flaming drink

Brighton has a great selection of shops as well as some fantastic eateries for you to indulge in. Fine dining or fast food grub, the city offers everything, catering very well for the vegan and vegetarian market as well. The city has a great selection of commercial shops in Churchill square and for all you eccentrics heading to the North Laines will provide you with a special something-or-other from one of the vintage shops, boutique stores or markets. The city’s quirk is projected in what the city offers, you could begin on the pier, then end up on a ghost walk, start at a strip club and move on to a burlesque drag show. I really felt as though Brighton caters for everyone, and couldn’t help but notice how the city’s population varied in age, tastes and culture, yet seemed to all enjoy the buzz.

The main drinking strip is located on West Street, and this offers commercial bars and clubs, some household names that you may recognise, such as Pryzm and Vodka Revolution. This becomes a sea of people on Friday nights as well as the weekend and brings a great atmosphere. Here in Brighton, you’ll witness The Stag Company use their expertise to combine the ultimate mix of adrenalin-fuelled action and pure pleasure and guide me through a legendary weekend.


I arrived at The Stag Company HQ to begin my Brighton adventures. After a quick briefing, I ran through my itinerary which was full of new experience and great opportunities. The itinerary was full enough that I was active for the entire weekend, but not overly full, so I still had a chance to relax and make the most of my given opportunity.

My weekend consisted of multiple adrenaline-pumping activities on the South Downs. My first was quad-biking, in which I swiftly took the top spot. Although I had been quad-biking before, this was definitely the best course I had been and left with a few bruises after the event. It was wet, muddy, the track’s corners were sharp and the buggies were fast… surely everything you’d want from a mud buggy experience?

I then went paint-balling, which was another physically gruelling experience and It was difficult to compete against men who are double my size. Though the setting of the paint ball arena was perfect. We played a great choice of games and everyone had great time. Comedia was a great way to kick start a stag do, with a reasonably priced bar and some great comedians on stage, it’s a great way to bring a group together, particularly if not all of your stags know each other particularly well.

Finally I went and had a go at Bubble Football, which is something I have always longed to have a go at. This was another great experience, and it is impossible not to enjoy. Despite it looking dangerous and violent, it was perfectly safe and I laughed for the duration of the day! It’s fair to say that even if you don’t have the opportunity to go away for your stag do, Brighton has everything that you could wish for.

Brighton Pier


Prague was overwhelmingly beautiful and at night the city can be seen in all its glory. The historical buildings are lit up with bright modern lights, and it’s visibly a city of culture that clashes beautifully with its now contemporary vibe. The city is easy to navigate on foot, and I believe it is the best way to see the city, as some of the sights are unmissable, you can’t visit the capital without engrossing yourself in the culture. The first venture I embarked upon was the white water rafting in Prague. I was fortunate enough to have sunshine, in the video you can see me swinging to get into my boat.

Make sure to read on over the next few weeks to read all about my adventures in this gorgeous European destination.

party in prague


Looking for a place where the women are as beautiful as the architecture, the beer is as cheap as chips and stag do that is unforgettable? Then Bratislava is for you. You’re probably thinking who, what, where?! Me too! Bratislava is coming up fast in the top Stag do destinations and it could be down to the budget price flights or the crazy activities but whatever it is Bratislava does not disappoint. It’s the party capital of Slovakia and it’s pedestrianised city centre is perfect for tourists who want to check out the multitude of bars, clubs and restaurants on offer in this incredible city, it’s no wonder the locals gave it the nickname of PARTYSLAVA!

bratislava views of fireworks


Home to some of the coolest nightspots you’ll find, Budapest is famous for its ‘Ruin bars’, previously abandoned buildings that are turned in to hip open air club, bars. This Hungarian city isn’t just known for its trendy nightlife though as you’ll what the dazzling city turn beautiful by day and breathtaking by night. Budapest has a fresh youthful vibe with a sense of charm and wisdom. With pints equivalent to 80p and some of Europe’s biggest festivals, beautiful girls and stunning architecture, you can see why Budapest has become a top Stag destination for a group of lad’s looking for that something different.

So make sure to keep reading, as I will be posting a new article each week for the next three months, delving into my European adventure.

sparty in budapest




I have much passion for reading and writing, which lead me to pursue an English degree. I am immensely creative and spend my free time paining, thus in the long run, I hope to find a career that encompasses both my artistic flare and writing skills.

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