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Sophia's Muggy Race experience in Brighton

Sophia's Muggy Race experience in Brighton

Muggy Racing The first activity that I was participating in and, top of the agenda was a mud buggy experience. I was very much looking forward to this being the beginnings of an adrenaline binge on my stag adventure. The Brighton mud-buggy experience is located in the west of the Sussex countryside, just a short journey away from Brighton town. If you are staying in Brighton and you are interested in partaking in this activity, then The Stag Company do offer transfers so you and big groups of mates can arrive at the venue for a reasonable price and all together.

Upon my arrival I was greeted by two friendly hosts, Caroline and Holly, they were polite helpful and offered complimentary refreshments. I noticed immediately how the staff at the venue valued their customers. I felt encouraged by the hosts as it was clear they were keen for me to have a great time and their enthusiasm intensified my excitement for the day. Don’t feel as though this is some tame and regulated trip, the staff understand they are catering, largely for adult men and they do everything they can to make things fast, boggy and they even took the time to spray the course with water so crashing was on the cards!

You’ll be driving in an exceptionally unflattering orange jumpsuit which makes you look like an American felon, however the suit is not optional and you must wear one to follow health and safety procedures. I can say, from my own personal foolishness that you should not wear the latest and greatest trainers as what you are wearing will be consumed with mud splats and damp water, so wear something old and inexpensive! After a safety briefing we were free to have 2 hours of exclusive track time in our little 400cc engine buggies. Each buggy has a domed roll cage; in case anyone is completely disastrous at taking the bends. They are supposedly suspended too, tough I have to say, I’m not sure how much this benefitted the overall comfort of the day. I soon realised this is not an activity for the faint hearted and I think it is almost guaranteed that you’re going to leave with a few minor aches and pains, so be prepared and be manly, if I can do it, you can…

You pick nickname and choose a number… This is when you see stag maturity in all its glory and we ended up have a rather crude array of players. The names and numbers do matter as you’ll be rotating buggies throughout the day during a selection of activities. Four buggies race at one time and for those awaiting their turn, there’s even a spectators’ spot, where you can place your bets and start the trash talking. All the races mimic Grand Prix rules and regulations and you even get a practice lap to see if your destined for greatness. With a wave of the chequered flag, it’s time to rev your engines and combat lumps, bumps, twists, turns and a gruelling terrain. The track is no Silverstone and overtaking isn’t as smooth as Hamilton often makes it look. Having previously been Go-karting and listening to the general consensus of the guys taking part with me, everyone was really impressed with the track, and it was definitely the most challenging and exhilarating that I have driven round.

When it’s time to wrap up the activity and count up the scores, you’ll be placed in the traditional podium places 1st, 2nd and 3rd and those of you who didn’t make it, leave with nothing but great memories. You glory seekers on the other hand will have something to brag about for the rest of your Brighton stag do, as well as a plastic medal. In the style of a true Grand-Prix podium presentation you’ll be let loose on a fizzy cans of Fosters! I delightfully found mud everywhere, including a small clump in my ear… So be prepared and make sure you bring a change of clothes, including pants, as everything soaks through.

After your pit-stop, it’s time to put some fuel in the tank. You and your clan will go straight from the karting venue to Brighton’s Pizza Express and gorge on their amazing dough balls and stuff your faces with hot, cheesy, pizza, gorgeousness. Who doesn’t love to indulge in a pint and a pizza? It’s here that you can discuss the winner the losers and decide who’s getting the first round in.


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