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Spotlight on Newcastle stag parties

After a weekend where a Geordie won X-Factor having been mentored by Newcastle’s Cheryl Cole, it seemed appropriate to draw attention to this amazing city, which delivers much more than just talented singers.

The North East city is found on the River Tyne and is famous for many things, from Ant and Dec and Byker Grove to Jimmy Nail and Newcastle United Football Club.

However, it is its famously wild nightlife that lures in the Newcastle stag parties in such large numbers all year round. This is a city that has enjoyed substantial regeneration in recent years, particularly to its Quayside Harbour, which now hosts many fantastic restaurants, bars and club.

Newcastle is now a trendy and diverse destination, but has not long any of its culture or fun-loving spirit that makes an evening out here so enjoyable.

If you want to make your stag party more of a weekend away than a sole night of debauchery, Newcastle does not disappoint. On offer during the day is adrenaline-packed activities such as quad biking, or the aptly named mud buggies.

You can also get highly competitive with your mates by including paintballing, or if you are too nice to shoot the stag, you can just take pop-shots at clay pigeons instead.

There is also plenty of sport activities on offer with a round of golf perhaps the most relaxing. If you are happy to work up a sweat you should pack your boots for a football experience. As Kevin Keegan once said ‘I would love it, love it, if we go to Newcastle on a stag weekend’. Or something like that!