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Stag Do Destinations: Riga vs Budapest Infographic

Stag Do Destinations: Riga vs Budapest Infographic

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Over the past four weeks, we’ve uncovered eight top European stag do destinations and pitted them against one another in the ring. First of all, we had Hamburg and Berlin, two amazing German cities where you can watch a sultry dominatrix show in Hamburg and watch women glisten in oil as they wrestle one another in Berlin. Week two was followed by Prague and Budapest, where you and the lads will be able to get stuck into an AK-47 shooting experience in Prague or do something less action packed such as a relaxing spa experience at the famous Thermal Baths whilst in Budapest.

The third week bought us Riga vs Bratislava, two cities which feature incredible historic architecture and a massive array of top stag activities such as bobsleighing in Riga and an armoured car experience in Bratislava. Finally, we were faced with an intense battle between Amsterdam vs Tallinn last week; one a bestselling stag destination and the other a relatively new destination to the stag scene. You’ll be able to discover the city of Amsterdam on an incredible beer bike here, or if Tallinn was more for you, then you may have enjoyed the idea of a demolition derby?

As a cheeky bonus to finish up our city battle blogs, we’ve created several infographics, and this week we've shoved another two cities in the battle ring to fight one another; Riga vs Budapest. So if you’re contemplating either Riga or Budapest as a choice for the last weekend of freedom, and haven’t quite made up your minds yet on which one, then read on and discover some important facts about these two top cities! Budapest stag parties are great, but then again so are those in Riga. Who wins? You decide!

So there you have it; Riga vs Budapest; both fantastic cities, which boast an incredible and buzzing nightlife with lively bars and sultry strip clubs galore, in addition to some adrenaline packed activities which will equip you and the rest of the stags with some hilarious banters and some incredible memories. Don’t forget that all of the mentioned activities in our blogs are available to book, so what are you waiting for? Don't delay, book your stag do today!


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