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Stag Night Bust-up Couple Allowed to Marry

Is this good news!?

Stag weekends have something of a troubled reputation in the eyes of many, presumably because of stories like the following. In advance, might we recommend a paintballing activity on an Edinburgh stag weekend during the day to rid oneself of any excess aggression before plying thyself with what can only be assumed was Special Brew...!?

A Dundee couple who had a fiery bust-up after a boozy stag night finally won the right to get married after being barred from getting married by a local sheriff. William Stupart and new bride Fiona Soutter married at the weekend after receiving clearance from an Edinburgh high court judge to go ahead with the ceremony. Stupart was banned from even seeing or contacting his bride-to-be after a fracas taking place around the time of the stag weekend.

The bust-up occurred after Stupart reportedly behaved in a threatening or abusive manner towards Soutter, shouting, swearing and threatening violence against her, as well as throwing a bottle at her. He was also banned from contacting his best man, who he acted in a similar way towards. So far, so shameless.

After a long and drawn out appeal, Stupart was eventually granted permission to marry his partner on the grounds that Soutter took no charges against him.

Fiona described the ceremony which took place at Baxter Park Pavillion as the best day of her life,

She said, "It was really, really great — it was amazing.

"Everybody had a great day, it went well all round and we all had a fantastic time.

"Everyone enjoyed it."

After their fight on the stag night, Stupart did employ a different best man, though the original was still in attendance. It seems that Dundee is home to many a forgiving soul.

The Stag Company takes a grim view indeed on acts of violence on a stag night, particularly against the bride-to-be.