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Flexible payments!

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- if you find a like-for-like stag do for less, we'll match it!

Stag Night Trick or Treat

31 Oct 2008

Categories: Things To Try

With Halloween looming, we turn our minds to the stag nights that we have on our books this weekend and wonder how many of them are going to involve dressing up like Frankenstein or a vampire or putting a dress on – just for the hell of it.

A stag weekend is often a very nervous time for the groom, and rightly so. This is the time when his friends, by law, have to torture him and can do so, safe in the knowledge that no repercussions will ever be served.

How many stags this weekend will hear the words ‘trick or treat’ and wonder whether the treat the stag party has in store for him really will be a treat and not Gary’s Gran dressed in a burlesque outfit?

All grooms know that a stag night is a fair cop for japes and antics, but what we also know is that if taken too far and the groom fails to make it to his wedding, then there will be hell to pay.  And anyone who has spent time with a bride on her wedding day will know that this is not the time to play with the emotions of an already emotional woman.

Take, for example, a recent story I heard on the grape vine of the stag’s mates cutting down several trees to block the groom from actually getting to the church.  I think this might be seen as taking things too far and do you really want to get a telling off by the entire wedding party for the groom not making it?

Whatever happened to striping the groom naked and tying him to a lamp post?

With this in mind, we have complied the top 5 tricks and treats that you can play on your suspecting groom.

Stag Weekend Treats

1. Strip joint with paid lap dance given by busty beauty
2. A day of off-roading followed by a night on the tiles
3. Take your groom to Amsterdam and spend the weekend sampling the delights that the cafes have to offer
4. Book up a group of beauties to escort you on your stag weekend – I think that they are called The Stag Angels...
5. Booking a stag weekend with The Stag Company – obviously!

Stag Weekend Tricks

1. Strip joint where the groom is blind folded, bound and gagged
2. Shave the groom’s eye brow off – just one and then watch as he has to shave off the other one
3. Dress up the groom as Mr. Muscle and parade him about the town
4. Get the groom and all over body wax from someone with the charm and good looks of Frau Farbissina from Austin Powers – you know the one.
5. All decisions of the night should be left to the deciding toss of a coin...this one could really get you into trouble.

Regardless of the tricks and treats that you have in store for your grooms this weekend, make sure that he is thoroughly embarrassed of his behaviour and that you have video and photographic evidence to bribe him with at a later date.

If you want to ensure that your stag weekend is full of treats, then you know what you have to do.  Speak to The Stag Company and get us to organise your stag weekend.


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