Stag Weekend Arrest After Grenade Incident

05 May 2011

Stag Weekend Arrest After Grenade Incident

There's been a rash of stories in the press of late attempting to do further damage the reputation of stag weekends, but this one is surely one of our favourites of late, not least for the fact that it features a Scottish pub called the Hen Hoose.

A man has been ordered to pay a fine of £650 after dropping a smoke bomb in an Aberdeen pub on his stag weekend. This didn't form part of any pre-meditated stunt, however, oh no. Postman Christopher Ledgard, 33, forced an evacuation of the Hen Hoose when he discovered and set off a smoke bomb given to him during an earlier round of stag paintballing.

The evacuation took place at around 2330 GMT last weekend, and Ledgard was promptly arrested and forced before the Aberdeen Sheriff Court on Tuesday. The initial fine was £1000 but was reduced to £650 after Ledgard pleaded guilty to the act on his Aberdeen stag weekend which left the pub completely filled with smoke. The charge was "breaching the peace".

STV reports that Procurator fiscal Sandy Hutchison told the court: "At around about 11pm on Sunday, a member of staff was behind the bar at the premises.

"A number of males in the pub were described as somewhat rowdy, they were warned to calm down.

"A short time later, the accused was seen by a witness to throw a smoke bomb. Smoke immediately started to fill the premises and an assumption was made that a fire was started."

He said: "He thought it would be funny but obviously having had a chance to reflect on that realises the stupidity of his actions."
Police praised staff at the premises for their "calm and quick actions".

The judge has allowed Ledgard to pay the fine in installments, commenting that he did appreciate that there was a wedding on the horizon. Common sense prevails.

The Stag Company do not condone the setting off of explosives in public spaces.


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