Film director looking for stars of his next stag weekend movie!

06 Apr 2009

How many times have you been on a stag do and wished someone was there to film all the highlights without the risk of creating incriminating evidence that would get you neutered as soon as you returned home? Well then you might just be interested in this as film maker Mark Locke from Tamworth is shooting his new film about a guy who has to survive not one but three stag weekends in a summer and guess what – he’s on the lookout for talent.

Locke, whose first film was about a seven foot boxing shrimp (doesn’t that sound like a film we’d all like to make) has also made short films which have been shown on channel 4 and Bravo TV and he’s even turned his hand to directing music videos, winning Best music Video at the Canary Wharf film festival for the Unkle song “Hold Your Hand”. He’s very enthusiastic about finding fresh faced actors and non-actors out there who can make his comedy a hit.

Three Stags will include a mixture of actors and non-actors and Mark knows the key to his film’s success is finding people who are able to act naturally in front of the camera without any professional training. Okay, you may not have gone to RADA, but a film about stag weekends? If you’ve been on one, consider yourself trained. We’re pretty confident that most of the guys we’ve sent away on stag weekends in the past know just how to react when the stripper walks in or you hit the lap dancing club. And if Mark is looking for guys who know how to sink pints, eat kebabs party hard, we could probably give him a list of strong candidates.

Considering this is a film about a guy who isn’t particularly macho, trying to navigate his way through three stag weekends in the summer, we tried to think about the sort of activities we would send him on in order to test his mettle.

Paintballing – Hilarity to be had with all first time paintballers as they earn those sought after “wings of pain”.

Quad biking – Handling the rough and tumble of these all terrain work horse vehicles in and out of muddy ditches. You need a firm hand to control these beauties.

Recommended Bar crawl – This is where the real battles are won and lost, in a test of endurance and stamina

This isn’t a joke though – he is actually looking for regular guys and casting begins on April 12th in Corporation Street in Tamworth. If anyone is interested and is in the area you should call 0845-393-4314 to book a slot. There are a number of important roles that mark is looking to fill including a retired PE teacher in his 60s, a 13-14 year old boy packed with attitude, a doorman in his 30s and an athletically built guy in his twenties. Does this sound like you or any of your mates?


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