Stag Weekends Abroad: Krakow

28 Apr 2011

Following on from yesterday's theme of stag weekends abroad, today we focus on a Krakow stag weekend - an iconic location for a group of lads to hit hard on a weekend of wallet-friendly bevvys and ice-cold Eastern European beauties.

Krakow is an extremely interesting proposition for a stag weekend - a city of contradictions where modern Europe meets old Eastern Europe to dramatic effect. Much of the action is based around the old city square, within a stone's throw of Wavel Castle. This square is probably best to be avoided unless you're a fan of stag traps where the drink prices are amped up high - exploration is rewarded with a host of fantastic bars and clubs just off the main square on the streets that fork out from it.

In my own experiences of Krakow, I've found that all of the actual sightseeing activities functioned mostly as tourist traps - it's a city where simply walking the city streets is just as good as anything. Getting that sense of place, of a vastly different culture is an ideal prelude to whatever naughtiness you'll have planned for the evening. Wavel Castle is worth a visit - the imposing castle on the hill in the centre dominates the city and is pretty impressive to say the least. Krakow is probably slightly less wary of stag weekends than some other European cities, so don't worry too much about a hostile reception from the locals. Oh, and the vodka's cheap, I should probably mention that at some point...

We have some wonderful packages based in this intoxicating city, with the perfect stag activities; here's today's pick:

Krakow White Water Rafting Stag Weekend Package

Taking place on the famous old River Wisla at the Polish Olympic Training Centre, this package has water-sports at its heart and is a fantastic bonding exercise, as well as a great laugh for all of the lads. You'll also have 2 nights of central Krakow accommodation to rest your weary, boozy heads at the end of the night.

Krakow Shooting Stag Weekend Package

Cor, this one's loads of fun. Ever wanted to shoot a round on a live firearm - this package is the one for you. A Polish firearms champion is your guide to an armoury of guns that you'll take turns to fire at targets - probably best not to hit the pubs before this one or your stag weekend will be one to remember for all of the wrong reasons.

Krakow Clubbing Stag Weekend Package

This is the perfect package if great nightlife is all you're seeking from your Krakow stag weekend - a beautiful local lady will be your guide to the hottest pubs and clubs the city has to offer, before you descend upon a lap-dancing for that most time-honoured of stag weekend activities: gazing at beautiful dancing girls.

So there you have it - some wonderful ways to mark your perfect stag weekend in Krakow - take a look at the "destinations" page for even more fabulous offers courtesy of yer boys 'ere at The Stag Company. 'til next time...


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