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Stag weekends away from the big cities

Stag weekends away from the big cities

There is a tendency to head for the big cities on stag weekends for a number of valid reasons. They usually have more options for entertainment, are easier to get to and have more options for accommodation.

However, stag weekends in Manchester or London stag nights do not suit everyone, so do not ignore the smaller destinations as they can sometimes result in much more memorable occasions.

A stag weekend in a smaller city or town can deliver a unique holiday and a night out that differs from your usual big nights out on the tiles, while there are often quirky activities on offer.

Head down to the south coast for a stag weekend in Portsmouth and enjoy a maritime adventure with the Mary Rose and HMS Victory in the background. From here you can pop over for a day trip to the Isle of Wight before returning for Portsmouth’s fantastic nightclubs. There are lots of bars to keep your thirst quenched and we’d recommend a trip up the Spinnaker Tower, although it’s probably not advisable after a skin-full.

Heading up north to Stratford-Upon-Avon for a stag weekend might not appeal to everyone, other than Shakespeare fanatics perhaps. However, Stratford stag weekends offer refined nights out, but also an outrageous range of stag activities to keep you busy during the day. From the adrenaline pumping paintballing to the frankly baffling and hilarious reverse-steer snooker, which is the craziest driving experience you could imagine.

Further up north to the Scottish city of Aberdeen is an option that often gets over looked due to Glasgow and Edinburgh. However, this is another destination that plays host to amazing activities in a beautiful setting, while the nightlife on offer is archetypal Scotland.

The Stag Company offer stag dos in almost every city in the United Kingdom, so the choice is yours.