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The Different Characters On A Paintball Team

26 Apr 2016

The Different Characters On A Paintball Team

Categories: Stag Sports

However many paintball teams we see go off on stag do's, each group seems to have the exact same characters. The same traits spotted throughout, from the overly zealous shooter to the timid newcomer, so see if you can decide who each member in your team matches with.

Gung Ho

Resembling a child on a sugar rush at Christmas with AHDH, this guy cannot stay still. He wants to charge in guns blazing. The first one to get hit, he just doesn’t care. He’s the hyper one of the group and doesn’t have time for strategy, he just wants the banter!

gung ho


This is the strategist of the group, the one that takes it way too seriously and has a map of the terrain in his pocket. He wants to spend half the time planning an attack on the enemy base and is easily irritated by the gung ho individuals.

strategic attack


He’s already tying the red headband to his forehead and he’s got daggers in his eyes. War is his second name, along with Danger, Power and Alex. He’s in top physical condition, or at least he thinks he is. Expect him to get down and dirty in the mud or to be randomly up a tree.



We all know them from playing Call Of Duty, the ones that just want to find a plot and sit there the entire game. They fancy themselves as the sharp shooter sniper of the group, with an eagle eye and an effective strategy. Or more accurately, they can’t be bothered to run around. Often found ‘protecting a base’.



They didn’t expect to bruise so much from the paintball pellet. You can hear their yelps for miles, giving away your position to just about everyone within a five-mile radius. Not the person you’d want to be stuck with when your backs are against the wall.


The Leader

The one everyone turns to. He doesn’t lead because he’s the most bossy, he leads because people respect him and he’s a popular figure within the group.


The Team-Mate

They're not fussed about making demands over where people should be running or how you are to take the base. They are happy to go along with the general strategy and will be smiling throughout. They're a great person to have cover your back if you're running for the flag or entering a danger zone. Think of them as the wingman of the battlefield.

team mate

Also, don't forget to check out our paintballing activities if this extreme activity is tempting you. Many people who enjoy these, have also booked quad biking and the assault course, so don't hesitate to ask our sales team if you have any questions.The paintballing in Leeds is a very popular destination for the activity, while the zombie bootcamp in Birmingham has also taken the entire industry by storm. Give it a try if you are up to the challenge!


Tom Bourlet

Tom Bourlet

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