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The Stag Company go Nuts at the 2012 Soviet Nuts Awards Party (where else?)

The Stag Company go Nuts at the 2012 Soviet Nuts Awards Party (where else?)

For The Stag Company marketing team today at work has been like trying to run through quicksand, attempting to wash a plate in muddy water or sneezing with your eyes open… Basically what I’m trying to say is that it’s been almost impossible. If you haven’t already guessed from our gazillion Facebook and Twitter updates, the reason for this is because last night we were at the very first Soviet Nuts Awards Party! I fully understand that after saying that, any sympathy you had for us has flown straight out of the window, but it’s alright because we had a bloody good time and simply being in the same place as Lucy Pinder, Arabella Drummond, Lucy Collett and Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan to name just a few was well worth a day of downing Lucozade, groaning lots and anxiously urging the clock to strike 5:30pm so we can jump into bed and get back to flicking through our free 2013 Nuts calendars. So… ‘what happened’ I hear you ask? Well as you might expect the night kicked off with a heck of a lot of ogling and wondering why the hell the women we see gracing the pages of Nuts each week were actually wearing clothes? (I know… what kind of sick joke is that?!) Once we got over this crushing disappointment, it was on to the free drinks and finding out who else was lucky enough to gain an invite. Of course host Russell Kane was there to bring the funnies, as well as the cast of MTV’s latest hit show The Valleys. It also didn’t take much time to bump into UK rapper Sway to sip cocktails, talk about the current state of his beloved Arsenal and which of the Nuts Great Escapes he would go on. Oh and quote of the night goes to Calum Best who exclaimed that there was “too many guys here and not enough girls” but I read somewhere that 1 Nuts girl counts for about 3 normal girls so he was probably wrong. My head is about to hit the keyboard so I’ll just say on behalf of The Stag Company, myself, Cat and Lee from the marketing team – thank you to Soviet and Nuts for putting on a great night and to Aura Mayfair for all the free drinks! Fdjsfidhngjihduiguigre089... sorry that was my head. Want to find out more? Click here or head on over to our Facebook for some more photos.

Tom Bourlet

Tom is our SEO expert and Senior Digital Marketer at The Stag Company. He has a huge passion for travelling, playing the saxophone, the gym and completing as many life experiences as possible.

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