The Stag Company Is Looking Abroad

02 Aug 2016

The Stag Company Is Looking Abroad

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As of today, The Stag Company will be removing 7 locations from the website. 6 of these are UK based and one is in Estonia. We listened to our customers, performed a large amount of research and tried to find where exactly people want to head on their stag weekend. While we have historically focused predominantly on the UK cities, an increasing number of people want to head abroad, therefore we will be introducing a number of alternative options. The destinations we are removing are below:


Home to the Canaries football team and the legendary Alan Partridge, Norwich was a hard destination to say goodbye to, however the demand was simply not there. Unlike some other destinations, there aren't a huge amount of close-by locations we can offer, however your best shot if you want to stay relatively close could be to opt for a Stag Do In Cambridge.


Unfortunately this was the only destination we offered in Estonia, so sadly this is goodbye to this Eastern European destination, however the nieghbouring country of Latvia hosts one of our top selling destinations - Riga! You can still read through our top 10 list of things to do in Tallinn, from the demolition derby experience to a stripper yacht trip.


Now we do have a location with multiple nearby alternatives. Portsmouth is located very close to Southampton, Bournemouth and Brighton, all three are top performers with a giant range of activities available. In fact, Bournemouth has been our most popular destination so far in the first 6 months of 2016, while we have a great selection of videos to all the activities you can try in Brighton, so have a venture through our range.


We now only offer two Welsh locations, being the hugely popular Cardiff and the adventure packed Snowdonia. Otherwise your closest English locations available would probably be Bristol or Bath. Cardiff does however offer all the same activities that Swansea has, therefore it should be able to directly replace any events you were hoping to complete, while the zipwire and bounce activity in Snowdonia definitely has the thrillseekers smiling.


This South West resort is one of a few locations in this area to drop off the site in the past 12 months, also including Plymouth and Torquay. While we would love to keep these destinations alive, there was a very small amount of demand for these areas, therefore your nearest location we offer would now be either Bournemouth, Bristol or Newquay.


Famous for its festival, Reading has some top notch activities, such as quad biking, off-road driving courses, blindfold driving and clay pigeon shooting. You should however be able to find all of these activities just to the East in London, or you could head to the Southern coast to Brighton or Bournemouth.


The final destination to be removed, our closest options are Edinburgh and Glasgow, otherwise you will have to venture south of the border. The quad biking has always been a popular activity in this area, while the casino is a must-see for any stag group, however this East Scottish destination had been decreasing in popularity over the past 3 years, with many locals choosing to head abroad instead.


Look out for lots of new destinations on our site, such as Lisbon stag do's and Bucharest, you heard it here first!


Tom Bourlet

Tom Bourlet

Tom is our SEO expert and Senior Digital Marketer at The Stag Company. He has a huge passion for travelling, playing the saxophone, the gym and completing as many life experiences as possible.

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