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Tips for Amsterdam on a budget

Stag parties heading to Amsterdam may be interested in a recent article in the Telegraph.

The newspaper explained that the city can be expensive for Brits who do not know the best places to go.

However, it gave tips on how to spend a full weekend in the city without parting with more than £250.

It advised consumers to book accommodation in advance - opting for bed and breakfasts where possible - and to eat cheaply and well in ethnic restaurants.

Those wishing to have a few beers to start their stag night off might head to a traditional brown cafe in the Jordaan district.

The article suggests visiting the Cafe Chris, which is one of the oldest pubs in Amsterdam.

Aside from the numerous art museums - including the Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum - the city is also famed for its bikes, which can be hired from shops like MacBike.

The city is well known for its red light district, which has become as much of a tourist attraction as its fine architecture and canals.