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Top Five Stag Destinations In The UK

UK Stag Weekends are proving as popular as ever with 2011 tipped to be a big year for partying on these shores.
European stag weekends remain fantastic fun for all the lads of course, but a great stag do can certainly be had without need for your passport.

We offer dozens of stag weekend destinations in England, Wales and Scotland, and all offer something for someone, so our top five is mere food for thought.

Bournemouth stag do

The south coast destination has sand, sun (sometimes), sexy ladies and serious drinking opportunities. Bournemouth is a party town, despite what you might have heard. It is also great for those that like to get wet and wild in the …. sea.

Brighton stag do

Moving along the coast to the East is the hedonistic city of Brighton that is unlike anywhere else in the UK, or on earth for that matter. It is perfectly designed for a messy party with everything close together in the quirky lanes near to the seafront. The choice of bars and clubs are endless, but we are sure you’ll enjoy trying to find the end of them.

Newcastle stag do

If you do not like noisy nights there is no point you reading any further. Newcastle is loud and proud of it. You’ll be partying hard and partying late if you choose Newcastle for your stag weekend. This is after all regarded as having the best nightlife in the UK.

Edinburgh stag do

Up on Scotland Edinburgh offers a cultural stag do destination, while at the same time having bags of potential for fun with wild countryside activities and a great nightlife that mixes modern and old venues. This may be considered more of a hen party destination, but hey, that’s a good thing for us lads right?

Nottingham stag do

Finally we have Nottingham, home to the best paintball site in the world, home to a mindblowing amount of hot uni girls and home to more clubs than the Flintstones. Nottingham is also perfectly positioned for stags scattered all other the place, but this is a destination we recommend for much more than just convenience.