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Tourists urged to get insurance

People who are heading overseas for a holiday or stag weekend have been advised to make sure they are fully insured.

According to esure, leisure travellers need to consider more than the price of their trip when planning a foreign excursion.

The company said making sure they are covered by a travel insurance policy would be a prudent move, as it could reduce costs in the event of an accident or illness.

Nevertheless, figures from the firm show that one in five British people who head abroad are unlikely to get cover for their trip.

Mike Pickard, head of travel insurance at esure, commented: "Not forgetting to take out insurance at the booking stage in case personal circumstances change [is] crucial."

He added that people should not be rushed into booking because of the price tag, as it is important to make sure the trip is affordable.

This follows similar advice from Abta - The Travel Association, which said people should get a policy which suits where they are going and what they will be doing.