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Sophia Experiences A Traditional Czech Dinner, Night Club and Ice Pub

Sophia Experiences A Traditional Czech Dinner, Night Club and Ice Pub

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When in Prague, do as the Czechs do. That's exactly what I did, as I got to try some of the most unbelievable food and explored some of the local culture in this historic city. On your upcoming stag weekend you’ll get the chance to live like a local as you are sent to one of the best traditional Czech restaurants in the city. You’ll be able to treat the group to a delicious welcome dinner at one of Prague’s traditional cellar restaurants and sample the best Czech beers and awesome food. You can hire a table large enough for the entire group and this will be reserved for 2 hours.

The last thing you want to be doing when you arrive is to traipse around the streets trying to find some good grub that everyone agrees with (especially as some restaraunts can be particularly fussy about group bookings). This is why our company is so popular for meal reservations, as all restaurants have agreed upfront that they are OK with stag groups. So this tasty meal option minimises all the fuss and pleases everyone. There’s meat, something sweet and plenty of beer! After you’ve lined your stomachs with some of the delectable local cuisine, it’s time to check out the array of bars on the way to a prepaid night club. Boasting five floors, each level featuring different styles of music from the classic oldies, to electro and modern commercial, you can easily see why it’s the most visited club in Prague, catering to everyone’s tastes.

On the top floor you’ll find a chill out room with gold sofas and a bar, lower down you will find pits to dance the night away, go-go dancers in cages and there is even a light up disco floor on one level. The five-story, carnivalesque club claims the title of the largest music clubs in central Europe and it is also one of the best, technically equipped clubs in the world. Going up and down the maze of floors you might bump into the Martini girl behind the water wall, you can dance through fog or if you fancy being flash, you can even hire the all-inclusive area and receive five-star treatment. If you’re planning your stag do around the summer time, the weather in Prague can be pretty hot, so if you fancy a quick cool down, The Ice Bar Prague is the perfect edition to any stag weekend. Head to the bar where everything is made of ICE, from the walls, sculptures, and even your own personal ice cube glass!

The Ice Bar is kept at a temperature of minus 7 degrees all year, but don’t worry you won’t freeze, you’ll be given a thermal jacket and gloves to keep you warm while you sip your ice-cold complimentary vodka cocktail on your throne of ice; alternatively you can enjoy an ice cold Heineken! The ice bar is situated in the five-story club so the entry fee and drink can be added on to the night club entry in your booking.


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