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UK's pushiest bride insists on joint stag & hen party

Planning for a wedding can bring out of the worst in women as they plan meticulously for their big day and refuse to let anyone or anything get in the way of the day they've dreamed about out since childhood.

However, Chantel Koorts took obsessive to a whole new level, as explained in The Sun. Ahead of her wedding to poor Quentin, she insisted on a joint hen do and stag party as she wanted to keep an eye on her future husband.

She also rewrote his wedding speech, as well as writing their own wedding vows. She also had three wedding dresses made, paid for her guests to have their hair done so they wouldn't ruin photos and put her bridesmaids on a diet.

Chantel explained: "I decided Quentin and I would have joint hen and stag parties in London, as I didn't trust girls not to flirt with my man. I wanted to see what he and his friends were up to, so I knew there'd be no funny business."

While the brave Quentin added: "I love my wife dearly and knew our wedding day was going to be all about her. I did everything I could to make it extra special, even though I didn't agree with the joint stag party and her writing my speech."

By Nancy Brown