What's cracking in Krakow?

30 Dec 2008

What's cracking in Krakow?

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When it comes to choosing a destination sometimes you want something a little bit different than what the UK shores can offer. So you start looking abroad for a party town and Krakow begins to get mentioned. Read our low down on why this Polish city is worth a look.

Even though there’s a credit crunch and people are watching the pennies, planned carefully with us, Krakow doesn’t need to cost you the earth. We’ve got some competitive packages and if you do a little digging online you can still find great flights to Poland from plenty of airports around the UK.

Set in the south of Poland, Krakow has some amazing history, which I’ll skip out here but if history is what gets you going then by all means get on to Wikipedia and print out historical tour itineraries for the guys when you go. They’ll love it. What it really means is that there are stunning old looking surroundings for your outdoor activities and okay, the climate may be similar to England but it’s not England, which is the main thing.

Krakow has become a  destination where people descend en masse to party and play like never before.  The Old Town of Krakow boasts more bars per square metre than anywhere else in the world, which means staggering distance between each watering hole is at an absolute minimum. Sometimes they’re even piled on top of each other with one building hosting several bars and clubs from the basement to the loft so you only need to climb the stairs to make it to the next place on the pub crawl.  As a student town, history is matched with a youthful vitality which brings the city alive on the evening into a vibrant, bustling hubbub of drinking, dancing and good times.

Old Town

You’ll probably start your journey in the Old Town of Krakow, which was refurbished and given a new lease of life in the late 80s. There are plenty of cafes, restaurants and shops and it’s pretty straight forward to find your way around. Beneath the respectable facade of the beautiful buildings are back street lairs of temptation and fun. Follow your instinct, poke around and explore and we’ll be sure you find a little watering hole of heaven in the Old Town to keep you entertained.


The Rynek (Market Square)

The market square, at 200 metres squared, is huge surrounded by magnificent buildings and cafes. As a central gathering area for the city, expect plenty going on with festivals and shows and also your standard tourist market square fodder: mime artists, pigeons, horse and carts, tourist and cafes.  And just as the market square is the heartbeat of the city, be sure to check out the alleys leading into it for some of the finest clubs known to man.



Badly affected by the Second World War invasion, this area of Poland is now emerging as a place well worth seeing if you’re looking for a slightly different area. With its maze like streets it’s not as easy to navigate round as the Old Town, but one of the reasons of being there is to stagger, explore and seek out some great spots to drink and enjoy yourselves.


Ten Best Places to Eat

Aqua e Vino
Pod Aniolami
Pod Krzyzykiem
Szabla i Szklanka


Ten Best Places to Drink

Art Club Cieplarnia
Golebia 3
Le Scandale
Nic Nowego

For activities, expect all your firm favourites like paintballing, 4x4, quads, football, Karting with some special options thrown in like Kalashnikov and Pistol shooting. You know you want to!

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