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World Cup Drinking Game Rules

If you are lucky enough to be heading away on a stag weekend during the World Cup then you've already got plenty of excuses to staying in a pub for most of the day.

However, to liven up your experience we've put together a stag do drinking game that you can use during the World Cup to help everyone on their way to merry-land, although of course we urge you all to drink responsibly.

Before the game starts write down the names of the starting players and put them in a hat, if you luckily have one to hand, then the lads draw the names out one by one. Obviously the number of names that you get depends on the number of lads in your group.

For each outfield player you have the following forfeits must be adhered too:

Goal scored = You must finish your drink
Assist = You must finish half of your drink
Red Card = Two shots (we'll leave the choice up to you)
Yellow Card = One shot

For goalkeepers the above applies, but you must finish your drink for each goal conceded.

Now the following rules apply to all of you:

Corner kick = Mouthful
Shot on target = Mouthful
Penalty = Two mouthfuls

Finally, everytime a commentator mentions those damned vuvuzela you must have two mouthfuls.

As with most drinking games the rules will probably be forgotten after five minutes and you will all happily drink away regardless. If not, let's hope for a 4-4 draw with 10 yellows, 4 reds and a few penalties to boot, while the stag should end up with a goalkeeper and a striker to put him in most risk of forfeits.