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Whisky Tasting stag weekends: What to expect

The time when a boy becomes a man can be pin-pointed exactly. It’s the time when he’s able to pick up and appreciate a fine whisky. And ‘appreciate’ is the right word to use. Whether it’s a rich, peaty scotch or mellow bourbon these are the kind of drinks that slow down the world as you enjoy them, and all their intricate flavours.

If you see a stag do as all about celebrating ‘guy-ness’ then a whisky tasting is a fantastic addition to your weekend. You’ll get to kick back and enjoy some taste-testing of the finest spirits around. An expert tutor will guide you through the flavours, all you need to do is enjoy.

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Whisky. Is there a more manly drink out there? This is definitely a stag do activity for the men, not the boys. So pour a toast to the lucky Stag in this fantastically sophisticated activity. Across your tasting you’ll be introduced to whisky, how it’s made, qualities to look for – and most importantly – how to taste it properly, something that you’ll get the chance to do again, and again… and again as you sample a range of whiskies. Even if you aren’t usually a huge fan of this delicious brown nectar, across your session you’ll learn to properly appreciate whisky. Along the way you’ll also pick up lots of tips and hints, so that when your stag is over, you still have plenty of knowledge to make you look sophisticated.

Whisky tasting is a great activity for a bunch of guys that may not know one another, maybe if they’re a blend of the stag’s friends, family and more. It’s an activity that promotes conversation, and as well all know, alcohol has a way of breaking down social barriers. Whisky tasting is a great warm up to a night of fun. It’s also a perfect way to make you feel like a sophisticated gent so that you’re fighting fit and ready to hit the town.

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