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White Water Rafting stag weekends: What to expect

Stag dos are fantastic for doing activities that you’d never get to try otherwise, and great for activities that get you out of your comfort-zone. White Water Rafting is a fantastic activity for a close-knit bunch of mates because you’ll have to work together; after all it’s you against the elements with only a paddle and a raft to your name. And if you don’t work together? Well your outdoor adventure will be a lot more wet than wild (and not in a good way!).

Our white water rafting experiences offer challenging rapids all across the globe – but what they have in common is expert instruction. Novices need not worry as you’ll be crashing through the waves like an expert in no time. Supervisors will be on hand throughout to ensure that when you inevitably fall into the water you’re totally safe and back on your white knuckle adrenaline junkie experience in no time.

White Water Rafting is fun throughout for you and your lads, but it might not be the best activity around if you’re all feeling a little fragile and sorry for yourselves after the previous night’s fun. That said, there aren’t many better hangover cures than blasting through some freezing cold water. It’s sink or swim!

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White water rafting is a challenging sport that utilizes a raft to navigate whitewater or different degrees of rough water. All of you in the boat have to work as one unit in order to successfully get done the rapids in one piece.Racing down rapids, narrowly missing boulders and more often than not getting thrown out of the raft is all part of the stag weekend fun and is enough to excite and thrill any adrenaline junkie. 

Back in the day rafts were the simplest forms of transportation in water, being constructed of several lofts, planks or reeds which were fastened together. Modern white water rafting was made popular but those crazy long haired people in the 70s and nowadays uses a durable inflatable raft; but don't worry as these rubber beauties are impossible to puncture. You'll be given expert instruction and then off you go wearing your safety hat with ore in hand. This is a truly exhilarating activity for your stag weekend and will have you gasping for air as you crash through yet another wave. Great fun and a brilliant activity for your stag do.

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Went on an Edinburgh stag weekend, was very impressed with the accommodation, transfers and white water rafting. The meal on the Saturday was good too. Overall a great weekend! - Dan Sanger (Stag Company Trust Pilot)

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