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 Lap Dance and Strip Club Stag Do's

Lap Dance and Strip Club Stag Do's

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Lap Dance and Strip Club stag weekends: What to expect

About Lap Dance and Strip Club

What is there to say about this that you don’t already know? Not much and we’ll keep this quick for 2 reasons: we’re already itching to head down the strip joint ourselves and secondly, you probably don’t want your significant other to see you eyeing this activity up. But hey, it’s a stag do tradition - private dance or sat watching from the bar. 

Lap Dance and Strip Club
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What to expect

Remember that you cannot touch even though you think you have special privileges because you are on your stag night, so keep your hands to yourself or Barry the Bouncer might frog march you 'outta there.

The lovely Peter Stringfellow made lap dancing a popular recreational activity for the British male population and when planning a stag weekend the first thing that's added to the list is lap dancing.

What better way for the stag to wave goodbye to his last days of freedom

Enjoy a lap dance or two on stag weekends at home or for a stag do abroad.

Come on now. What better way for the stag to wave goodbye to his last days of freedom than with one, two or three barely clothed beauties gyrating like electric eels on his lap. But this stag night activity isn't exclusively reserved for the stag because everyone else in the stag party can have their moment in the exotic spotlight leering like old men at perfect breasts and bums, not to mention the rest.

A stag party will have a mix of lap dancing veterans and lap dancing virgins but for those who are a little shy they can prop up the bar and ogle from afar. However, by the end of the evening when the champagne and shots have been flowing everyone will be converted and will continue to the club with a definite smile on their face.

What is a stag do without a lap dance? I think the answer is a rubbish stag night so make sure you tick this naughty activity off the list first. One word of advice for you is to not get carried away, don't touch if you value your life because lurking in the shadows is some massive bloke with strict instructions to pull you into line at any cost.

What are the rules in UK strip clubs?

Every strip club has its own policies, but in general you can assume that absolutely no touching is allowed, and will get you kicked out of the venue if you try. Throwing money at dancers is also frowned upon. And don’t bother trying to get a girl’s number either, that’s strictly against the rules too. Because of the nature of what goes on inside, strip clubs have very strict , and very big, door staff, so we would advise sticking closely to the rules and making sure your mates do as well.


Does everyone need to buy a dance?

You don’t need to buy a dance when you’re at a strip club - obviously not everyone is as comfortable in this kind of environment as others are. You’ll definitely be approached by girls who stop by for a quick chat before asking if you’re interested - a polite ‘no thanks’ is all you need to give and they’ll move on to someone else. There’s no hard sell here because time is money.


Why go for the VIP option?

If you and the lads want to visit a strip club on the stag do, we’d recommend asking your stag planner about our VIP options. On top of guaranteed front-of-the-line entry (assuming you don’t break any of the rules), you can have waitress table service, so that you can enjoy the show with no queuing at the bar.


You can also have a few bottles of spirits and mixers waiting for you at a reserved table on arrival. And some venues will even have their own private stag lounge with a well-stocked fridge so that you can comfortably spend a few hours ‘taking in the sights’.


Can we touch the girls?

It’s easy to get carried away during a lap dance, especially when you’ve had a few drinks, with an absolutely gorgeous woman gyrating sexily just inches away. But sit on your hands, because if you lay hands on her, the door staff will lay hands on you very quickly afterwards.


How do we arrange a ‘special treat’ for the groom-to-be?

Sorting out your mate with a sexy send-off into married life is easy at a gentlemen’s club. We’ll let the staff there know you’re a stag group, and you can either book him a few dances in advance, or arrange it when you get there. Want to really give him an experience to remember? Book him a session with two or three girls at a time.


Is there a dress code?

Most strip clubs have a smart-casual dress code. You’re not going to get in with shorts, flip flops or football shirts.


What are the drink prices like?

Drinks prices at lap dance clubs are a running joke, so be sure and check in advance before you place an order. The girls will often ask if you’d like to buy them a drink - we’d suggest going by the glass rather than the bottle unless you’ve recently had a lottery win. And don’t show off by leaving a card behind the bar, that is just asking for trouble.

Bear in mind too that there is often a hefty transaction fee levied for card purchases - pay by cash if you can. A good rule of thumb at a strip club is to keep the drinking to the minimum, and save your money for the entertainment.


Can we take pictures or film the dancers?

The easiest way to get yourself kicked out of a strip club and banned for life? Pulling out your phone and trying to grab a few photos. Don’t ruin your night out, keep your phone in your pocket until it’s time to book a cab back to the hotel.


Can we get in wearing fancy dress?

Some strip clubs will allow stag groups wearing fancy dress but it’s got to be understated. If you all turn up in golfing attire, you may well be fine. Big plastic sumo wrestler outfits on the other hand, probably not. Always check in advance through our helpful stag do planners what is and isn’t allowed.


What if anyone’s intoxicated?

Anyone who’s obviously worse for wear is going to really struggle getting into the strip club, even if you’re pre-booked. It’s just not worth the hassle for the door staff. The same goes for anyone overdoing it inside.


Should we tip?

If you’ve had an amazing dance from a friendly girl, by all means tip them. You might be helping her to get through university. Just don’t expect your generosity to earn you anything back in return - they’re professionals.


I forgot my wallet - is that going to be a problem?

Absolutely not. Strip clubs and their door staff are notoriously generous when it comes to punters who’ve carelessly left their wallets somewhere and find themselves unable to settle their bill. Just pop in the following day to square things. Also, we have a bridge that we’d like to sell you.

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