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Abseiling and rock climbing in Exeter on your Stag Weekend

Abseiling and rock climbing in Exeter on your Stag Weekend

As the summer months approach, demand for our outdoor sports is increasing and for some, the idea of hanging on to a rock face for dear life whilst making it down suspended from a rope is the perfect way to spend a stag weekend. Without a doubt, you will experience adrenaline should you choose this activity for your stag weekend.

What is abseiling?

Abseiling is where you use a rope to help you descend a rock or cliff face. It was originally developed by guides who would find themselves faced with a cliff too dangerous to climb down without more protection and it has enabled many explorers to reach the nooks and crannies that other leading methods of exploration fail to reach.

What can you expect?

You and your stag party will be given a full briefing on safety, which is of utmost importance and then you’ll be given your equipment and taught the basics of rock climbing and abseiling before giving it a go yourself. You will have a harness that will be attached to the rope and you will be taught how to control your descent by easing the rope through a mechanism to control the speed of this. It can be physically demanding and you should expect a lot of adrenaline as you first go over. It’s a perfect activity for the guys in your group and they can take it as easy or as advanced as they’re comfortable with.

Where’s Exeter?

Exeter is located in Devon, which is in the southwest of the country. You can reach Exeter by car on the M6, or take a train to one of the main stations in Exeter, Exeter St. David’s and Exeter Central which provide good access from the rest of the country.

Why Exeter?

Exeter stag weekends are an unexpectedly fantastic choice. The locals are easy going, but there’s still plenty going on. It’s a hub for businesses and is in the top ten most profitable locations for a business to be based. There is a strong young professional crowd as well as having a thriving student population. This means that come Friday night, there is a thirsty fun loving crowd looking for entertainment.

Where to go at night in Exeter?

Tourism is a big factor for Exeter which means there are plenty of bars and clubs to cater for the nightlife. Many of the nightclubs are located down by the Exeter Quay. Some of the popular clubs include: Club Rococo, Timepiece, Tezza and Riva. For bars, these are mostly scattered on streets either side of High Street. You can find a good cluster of pubs and clubs on Castle Street and Queen Street. We also make sure our boys are well fed and entertained on their stag weekends so we can arrange for a two course meal, prepaid nightclub entry and prepaid lap dancing club entry as well as free casino entry.