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Another Perfect Broment: Max and Harry

Another Perfect Broment: Max and Harry

So last week saw the very first taste of the entries that are coming in thick and fast during our search for Britain’s Biggest Bromance and as there is now less than a week until entries close on the 11th (if you’ve been meaning to enter but have been too busy cuddling up over a game of FIFA with your bro, then do it now over at Nuts Great Escapes!) we’ve got another story so that you can size up the competition or simply see just how bromantic things are getting out there! Story number 2 comes from Max and Harry… sort of like Max and Paddy except they don’t live together in a motorhome, (although seeing as they do actually live together, maybe that will come later) but lay claim to being Britain’s Biggest Bromance – let’s see why: This is the Story of… Max and Harry Much like Dan and Dan’s entry that you can read by clicking here, this is a bromantic connection that has grown and grown over many years – 8 to be specific. Blossoming into life after a misplaced backpack on the school bus was returned back to its owner. Max, a new face in Year 9 back in January 2005 made a mistake that would usually result in his backpack (hopefully it wasn’t one of those with the single Velcro-strap because it would be even worse) being filled to the brim with mud, leaves and covered in tipp-ex’ed swear words – but luckily it was found riding on its lonesome by his future soulmate Harry. Awwwww. Let’s just say it went from there and ever since they’ve been attached at the hip. Going on to cement their bromance by forming the aptly named band – ‘Gayfire’ and filming regular YouTube videos whenever they can… obviously wanting everyone out there to know that they can stake their claim to being the biggest bromance the world has ever seen. But that’s not far enough for them, because like the bands they might aspire to be like (although thinking about it, being called ‘Gayplay’ would slightly diminish the heartfelt lyrical musings of Coldplay), they’ve even taken their bromance on tour and travelled the world together – a stand out memory amongst the skydiving, paintballing and waterfall jumping being their entry in the ‘Miss Dominican Bikini Competition 2011’… believe us, the photo they sent in was a sight to behold. When not partaking in any of the above, you might think they would be mourning time without each other at work or at home. Well you would be wrong, because not even those minor issues get in the way of this bromance, as they are working together at the gym, living together and even planning to co-ordinate when they have children to keep the legacy going. These guys have got it all planned out! But are they good enough? Check back here for more entries in the Search for Britain’s Biggest Bromance or for information on stag parties and how to plan the best.

Tom Bourlet

Tom is our SEO expert and Senior Digital Marketer at The Stag Company. He has a huge passion for travelling, playing the saxophone, the gym and completing as many life experiences as possible.

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