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How to choose... your best man

How to choose... your best man

You brought the ring, she said yes, you’ve set the date and (no doubt) she’s already started to scrapbook and plan. Excellent, things are being put in motion; now you can relax right? Wrong: you’ve got to pop the question (so to speak) to one more person.

You’ve got to ask one of your mates to be your best man. Now most blokes tend to pick their best mate, and there’s nothing wrong with that but it is your wedding day at stake here (read: if you screw this up, your bride will never forgive you) so even if your mate "X" does an awesome gorilla impression and can drink his own body weight in beer. It doesn’t mean he’s capable of keeping your guests organised and entertained, or help take your nana to the loo because everyone else is wasted and too busy doing a conga line. So to make your life easier we've come up with our 5 top tips on how to pick your best man.

Before asking potential candidates, think about your mates strengths and weaknesses Like I said earlier, your mate "X" might be a good laugh but he might not be the right choice as best man. Because aside from organising an awesome stag weekend for you, the best man is also responsible for keeping the ushers in check, writing (and reading out) the best man’s speech, entertaining your guests and generally making sure that everyone plays nice. So if you're not sure your potential best man can do all of that, then it might be best to reconsider who you choose.

Don’t fall into the family trap Family is grand but make sure you don’t get bullied into giving the position to a family member just because everyone expects you to. Unless of course it’s your cousin Joe who owns a boat in the Tenerife - in which case it’s a no brainer! Seriously though, it’s your stag party and your wedding so unless your brother/cousin/uncle is trustworthy and reliable then don’t let your folks guilt trip you into it.

Pick your best man early on in the process This seems simple enough but the amount of times we’ve heard of blokes putting it off and then forgetting about it happens more often than you think. So make sure you pick your best man early on in the process so you know who’s got your back right from the start.

Make sure your best man and the future missus have met and get along Hopefully you’d have sorted this out before the wedding planning but just in case you haven’t - GET THIS SORTED. If they haven’t met, get them together for a meal and introduce the two. After all it’s your best mate and your future wife here; it’s in everyone's best interests for them to get along (especially yours!) We’re not saying they have to be BFF’s or anything but if your best mate and your fiancé don’t get along, then prepare for some turbulence till death do you part.

Make sure they know what kind of stag do you want The best man has got to know you like the back of his right hand (ok... maybe not that well!) He’s got to know what activities you like, what you're sh*t scared of and based on that information be able to organise and book the king of all stag weekends. This means he’s going to have to be reliable, semi-organised (read: sober and able to use Google) and persistent enough to shepherd the drunken stags from place to place without losing anyone. Not as easy as it sounds, believe us. If you follow these simple steps and combine some common sense then you shouldn’t have a problem. Chances are it won’t go horribly wrong but even if it does you’ll have the best man to help you sort things out and get things back on track.


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