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5 must-have apps for a Stag’s Best Man

5 must-have apps for a Stag’s Best Man

The old gang have been successfully reunited, the paintball and poker have gone to plan, the VIP-club passes are in your pocket, the beers are flowing, the stripper is booked, the stag is blindfolded in the back of a taxi and its been relayed that his future missus is having a panic attack back at home. So far, so good; you’re excelling as a Best Man. But what do you do when the wheels fall off? Pete disappeared with that girl hours ago, where’s he gone? John’s puking in the street having been chucked out by the bouncers, is anybody with him? Kev’s slumped in the corner asleep, someone’s got to take him home. Rich is moaning about getting something to eat, is there a kebab shop nearby? And the stag, well he’s looking like he might need a trip to A&E…or at least a lie down. Perhaps it’s time to call it a night. If you’ve nobody around you to give you a helping hand, why not let your phone pick up the burden. We’ve selected five must have apps to help you and your stag party survive even the most debauched nights out… Good Pub Guide App It goes without saying that any self-respecting Best Man will have selected his Stag’s drinking venues after months of meticulous hands-on research. Alas, if you’ve not been quite so judicious in your planning then the Good Pub Guide app (available on iOS) is incredibly useful for ad hoc choices when on unfamiliar turf. Featuring recommendations and fully independent reviews for 5,000 pubs across the country and details of 15,000 more it’s a veritable treasure trove of whistle-whetting opportunities. Other useful features include the ‘near me’ function which does exactly what it says on the tin and being able to search locations both online and offline. Find My Friends If any members of your party have a reputation for going AWOL on a night out then Find My Friends (available on iOS) is a necessity. Using GPS it effectively turns a phone into a tracking device thus minimising the chances of any men going missing in action. Naturally you’ll have to get them (assuming they own an iPhone) to accept your invitation to connect on the service before you head out on the town and if you tend to make excuses about meeting them down the pub on a weekly basis, you may want to use the ‘hide’ function! Hailo If you’re out and about in London, but weren’t organised enough to sort out a fleet of taxis to take your gang home, then Hailo (available on Android and iOS) is soothing balm for one of life’s most burning problems. No longer do you and your mates need to stand further and further into the road, risking life and literal limb, in the hope of hailing down a licensed Hackney carriage. Within a couple of taps on Hailo you can arrange for a nearby cabbie to come and pick you up while you finish that grim last tequila saving yourself the bother of calling a hundred dodgy minicab firms. What’s more you can pay using credit or debit card for all journeys, which means running to a cash point should be a thing of the past. The service is available in nine cities, including stag hot spot Dublin as well as Barcelona, Madrid, New York and even Tokyo. St John Ambulance First Aid app If the worst comes to the worst and one of your party requires medical attention you could do worse than have the free St John Ambulance First Aid app (available on Android & iOS) as a reference point. We’re not saying it’s an alternative to getting the once over from a doctor, as opposed to someone dressed as a sexy nurse, but it could come in useful during an emergency. Enter a few details and you can easily narrow down symptoms before getting a diagnosis, while techniques for treating shock, opening airways and the recovery position are clearly outlined using text and diagrams. 101 drinking games If the gang have made it back to the hotel safely but have no intention of going to bed then 101 Drinking Games (available on Android) is perfect for keeping the party going. 4 Kings, Ace of Spades, Across the bridge, Anchor Man, Centurion, Circle of Death, Ring of Fire, Kings, clocks, connection, Drink uno, Drinkopoly, Drown the clown, Flip pong, Flip, sip or strip, go fish, happy hour, Jacks, Sniper, Fubar; they’re all included in an app which actually features 250 games in total and a built in deck of cards and dice. Ultimately it has all you need to ensure that suitable punishments are administered to those revellers starting to flag in the face of slumber.   This post was written by Quidco; the UK’s number one cashback and voucher codes site.

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