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Bride Triggers Stag Party Brawl

Stag parties do not always go to plan, but as disasters go you'd be hard pressed to beat Simon Jones' big night, which ended up with both he and his best man arrested - after his bride-to-be turned up.

After a day of stag activities organised by best man Steve Clarke the stag party for Jones, 40, headed to an Exmouth Pub, but from here it all went terribly wrong.

After the bride turned up to check up on the groom she was asked to leave by pub staff due to being "very drunk", while Jones was subsequently ejected causing the rest of the stag party to get involved and the police being called.

Clarke pleaded guilty to using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, while Jones admitted being drunk and disorderly and two offences of wilfully obstructing a police officer in the execution of his duty. Jones received a 12-month conditional discharge and Clarke a three-month conditional discharge. They were both ordered to pay costs of £85.

So now you have good reason when you tell your bride-to-be that she shouldn't show her face during your stag do.