Celebs confusing weddings for their stag parties

05 Feb 2010

The increasingly wacky world of celebrity weddings has reached new heights this week with Katie Price marrying Alex Reid in Vegas and Russell Brand discussion his plans for a naked wedding to Katy Perry later this year.

It was no surprise that Price and Reid’s wedding was unconventional given their track record, but the ‘Celebrity’ Big Brother winner must have thought he was on his stag night rather than his wedding night as he and ‘Jordan’ spent the evening in a strip club.

The former cage fighter married the glamour model in Vegas just days after winning the final Channel 4 Big Brother show.

If their wedding was not traditional it may be nothing compared to what Comedian Russell Brand and singer Katy Price have planned. Brand (hopefully) joked: “We are going to do the wedding naked! All the families will be naked! We’re still deciding what to do. There’s no juicy details yet."

If you’re more interested in going to strip clubs and leaving the groom naked on his stag do, rather than his wedding, then check out our stag night packages.


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