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Cowell banned Olly Murs from brother's wedding

X-Factor finalist Olly Murs was banned from attending his brother's wedding on Saturday by his mentor Simon Cowell and the show's bosses.

Murs had been set to be his twin brother Ben's best man, but in the end could not even attend the ceremony as it clashed with the show's rehearsals ahead of the evening’s live show.

During the show Murs performed two songs that saw him win enough votes to take his place in the final of the competition, which may have eased the disappointed of missing the marriage of his brother to Amy Hart.

It was deemed that the 25-year-old didn't have enough time to get back from the wedding in Chelmsford, even though it was just 16 miles away from the London studios.

The groom said: "It's a catch-22 situation. My wedding day will be the biggest day of my life and of course I want my twin brother there."

Murs did manage to attend the stag weekend in Amsterdam with his brother earlier this year, but he is now encountering the difficulties of fame.