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England or Europe? The stag weekend dilemma

During the course of the past decade stag weekends in Europe have become so popular that they have almost become the norm. However, the economic downturn has given stags a tough decision, as it has become harder to find a bargain abroad, it is more difficult for all of your group to stump up the cash and finally the exchange rate has been doing us no favours.

The problem is that we now have the European stag weekend bug and one in the UK now seem uninspiring and dull, but it doesn’t have to be this way. A stag weekend without the use of a passport just requires some imagination and it can still be much more than just another night out, with added fancy dress.

The key is to pick a new destination, or at least one that has not as familiar as the back of your hand. You want to be able to stumble into random pubs not knowing if you are going to be drinking with quirky locals, sexy students or butch lesbians. It is all part of the excitement! Also, by the time you hit a club you are going to be a little bit worse for wear so it is probably best if you don’t know anyone there, while getting lost and walking into mirrors is again part of the fun.

Stay at a hotel or B&B in the centre of your location, so as soon as the hangover permits you can get out and about and enjoy an activity or two. Try your hand at driving while blind folded, or shoot at clay pigeons with some country folk. There is lots of new things to try, even in England, so don’t rule out having stag weekends UK style.

That being said, if you are able to afford a European stag weekend without putting pressure on the people you want to attend then by all means head over to the Baltic or the Balearics for your stag weekend packages as you will have an amazing adventure.