Sophia's Night of Live Comedy and Trip to the Strip Club

08 Sep 2016

Sophia's Night of Live Comedy and Trip to the Strip Club

After a few hours to wind-down from the day’s activities, it was then time to get a little boozy and hit the quirky Brighton lanes. We were booked into Brighton’s premier comedy venue Komedia for some giggles on a Friday night and I was quite looking forward to experiencing live comedy for the first time. We arrived early, so we decided to sit outside and kick start the evening with a drink watching the world go by and observing Brighton’s finest, Friday night crazies.

Time for a Laugh.. 

A stag do wouldn’t be a stag do without laughs, crude jokes, and banter and it seems, seeing comedy was a good means of injecting a little more fun into the evening and it was a great way to start the night. It was also a brilliant way to build friendships with those of the group who do not know each other as well as others. I have to express how Brighton’s number one comedy venue met the rave reviews and lived up to my high expectations. It was absolutely packed, every chair was filled and I was impressed with the size of the table and also how close to the stage we were. It seemed a hubbub for stags, and I wasn’t with the only party, so It’s clearly a popular weekend destination and accepts those in fancy dress as well. It's brilliant if you are stuck for stag do ideas.

When the comedians are performing there is a rather electric atmosphere in the venue as you hear echoes of laughter for the duration of the performance. They also do their best to try and involve you in the performance, so if you don’t want to be picked on, then I wouldn’t shout out as they heckle innocent audience members throughout the night. Komedia has a well-stocked bar that is open throughout the performance, so you are able to go and replenish your drinks whenever you feel and I was impressed by the large selection of drinks available.

Komedia is situated right in the North Laine area so we decided to and check out some of Brighton’s famously edgy and quirky drinking dives on the way to our next activity. There was plenty to choose from and everyone was in high spirits thanks to Komedia. We were fortunate with the weather and there were plenty of drinking venues for us to sit outside, make the most of the mild evening and explore Brighton's hot drinking spots.

Stripping Off

Fast forward a couple of hours and I found myself heading Grace of Brighton, which is a strip club hidden on North Street. We greeted by a beautiful hostess, who showed us to our reserved area and quickly got the drinks flowing. The venue welcomes you lads with open arms and a selection of girls dance for your entertainment all night, so even if you want to pitch up for a couple of drinks, the stage will be graced with Grace’s girls! At Grace’s the mood is set with blue and red lighting and candle light, which creates a relaxed ambiance. The music isn’t too loud, so you and the lads can still have conversations and there is also seating at the bar if you want a little break from the action. The venue also offers comfortable, stylish seats and even places fresh flowers on the bar. It’s very professionally finished and you do feel as though you are in a fine establishment.

They’ve also got a late licence until five, so if you find yourself being dragged away from the venue you can always go back later with free entry using the stamp on your hand. A lap dancing club is the ultimate treat for all the lads on the stag do!



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