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Friday Playlists #1: The Hangover Playlist

Friday Playlists #1: The Hangover Playlist

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You may have seen our party playlists on the blog before, and the idea behind these is simple; I get one of the team here at The Stag Company to choose ten songs that they would listen to at the weekend and tell me a bit about them. What about the morning after though? It’s all very well giving you a set of bangers to get the party started on a Saturday night, but you’ll need a very different playlist to help you through the inevitable hangover on Sunday. So here it is, the first Stag Company hangover playlist, curated with a sore head and a night full of morning after regrets in mind: 1. Sigur Rós – Svefn-g-englar – No better way to start a hangover playlist than with 10 minutes of excellence from Iceland’s best, Sigur Rós. Time to float away on try to forget your pounding headache. 2. Efterklang – Mirador – This is song is on a truly amazing album from this Danish band called Parades, and manages to sound loud yet quiet to me. I know, sounds weird for me to describe it that way but listen and you’ll hear what I mean. 3. The Cure – Lullaby – If there is one thing I want on a hangover (apart from greasy food, Sprite, and a banana milkshake) it is someone to sing me a lullaby. That has never happened, so I usually listen to this song instead. Close enough I suppose. 4. Interpol – NYC – Another great song that sort of floats on, allowing you to close your eyes and hope that you feel slightly less rough before Monday morning. 5. Brand New – Sic Transit Gloria…Glory Fades – I just love this band, especially this album. I can listen to it any time, and for me this song often gets played when I’m feeling rough the morning after the night before. 6. Ryan Adams – The Bar is a Beautiful Place – Another favourite of mine, and NOT to be confused with that guy whose song was top of the charts for about a year. You might not think it when you’re hungover, but the bar really is a beautiful place. 7. Tove Lo – Habits – It might be a bit of a gamble putting this one in, it might just send you over the edge if you’re feeling particularly fragile while listening. Sorry if that happens. Great song doe. 8. The Album Leaf – Twentytwofourteen – This is another band I often put on when I’m relaxing, chilling, or hungover. A nice little instrumental, just in case vocals are too much for you to take. 9. This Will Destroy You – A Three-Legged Workhorse – More instrumental rock now, and a 9 minute journey that builds and builds, and builds to a great climax. This is definitely the only kind of journey you should be taking today. 10. Explosions in the Sky – Your Hand in Mine – I really wanted to start this playlist with the first song off the Explosions in the Sky album The Earth is Not a Cold, Dead Place, which is called ‘First Breath after Coma’. Unfortunately that record isn’t on Spotify, but the last track from the album is as part of a compilation, so here it is. Do you know that you’ll be feeling fragile at the weekend? Save this playlist now:

How do you usually deal with a hangover? Do you require dead silence? Or do you need the comfort of music or endless reuns of ‘Friends’ and your blankie as you slump on your sofa to get you through? Let us know!